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Cumis Counsel,

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Definition of Cumis Counsel: 1984 decision of the California Court of Appeal in the San Diego Federal Reserve. Credit Union v. Shirt anas. Ski, Inc., 162 Cal. Subscription 3D 358, 208 calls. Rptr. 494 (Cal. App. 4 District 1984) concludes that there is a conflict of interest between economic interests and a conflict between insurers and non-insurers when insurance defends itself from the protection of rights. In these cases, the insurance company's traditional right to choose a lawyer and oversee defense efforts is lost. In addition, the insurer chooses a lawyer and controls the defense, but the insurer has to pay a defense fee. This advice, which the policyholder chooses and controls over the insurer's expenses, is known as the shirt advisor.

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Meanings of Counsel:
  1. Advice is given, especially formally.

  2. Advice, especially to give or give advice.

  3. The prosecutor or prosecutors are responsible for this case.

  4. Suggest (someone)

  5. Provides professional help and advice to solve personal or psychological problems.

  6. Suggest (Action Plan)

  7. Discuss the problem.

  8. Don't say anything you believe, know or expect.

Sentences of Counsel
  1. Simple advice with more, more patience is not enough for the people

  2. As far as the EU is concerned, the situation is extremely worrying, although cautious advice could take effect next week.

  3. In fact, it is one of the best tips for careful buyers who care about newly created artifacts or are happily married.

  4. It is rich in wise counsel for the spiritual mind.

  5. Which of us would be satisfied with advice on patience and delay?

  6. We know that we should not question the wise, prudent voices of Sierra Delphi, whose ambiguities have misinterpreted his clients.

  7. Forced to live a runaway life, he seeks the advice of an ancient mystic, who claims that his actions resulted in the birth of the eternal destination known as the Decade.

  8. Ordinary citizens cling to his every word, politicians seek his advice and supporters follow him.

  9. Sometimes it is better to seek advice from strangers.

  10. For a small fee, painters can consult me ​​on this matter and I will be happy to share my experience.

  11. It is available at any time of the day or night for anyone seeking help or advice.

  12. If you consult others, I will be happy to help.

Synonyms of Counsel

encourage, warn, instruction, caution, urge, information, guidance, direction, counsellor, lawyer, consultation, conversation, direct, guide, legal practitioner, enlightenment, admonish, entreat, dialogue, deliberation, discussion, recommend