Cum laude

Cum laude,

Definition of Cum laude:

  1. With distinction (with reference to college degrees and diplomas).

  2. Denoting or holding a college degree achieved with distinction.

  3. A latin phrase meaning with honors. This distinction is given to graduates, usually from a college or university, who have received the third highest level of academic excellence as required by the university. This is one level below magna cum laude. See also summa cum laude.

How to use Cum laude in a sentence?

  1. He received his A.B. Degree cum laude.
  2. Kathy is a cum laude graduate of Pennsylvania State University.

Meaning of Cum laude & Cum laude Definition

Cum Laude,

What is Cum Laude?

  • Cum Laude can be defined as, Loudin means respect or respect in Latin and represents the level of academic achievement. Educational institutions use the term to refer to a university degree that receives an award.

    • Seh Loudin is one of three Latin awards presented by educational institutions for a university degree.
    • The Latin expression means distinction, respect or admiration.
    • Educational institutions have different standards that must be met for every difference.
    • Students are never allowed to compete for the Latin Award.

Literal Meanings of Cum Laude


Meanings of Cum:
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  2. Having an orgasm

  3. During ejaculation, sperm is released from the man.

Sentences of Cum
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■■■ Laude,

How Do You Define ■■■ Laude?

  • Loud in Latin means with praise or silence and it means academic achievement. Educational institutions use this term in reference to the degrees awarded with Ni.

    • Loud is one of three Latinos who offer bachelor's degree.
    • The term is Latin with distinction or with ni or with definition.
    • Educational institutions have different standards that are necessary for everyone.
    • Students are never allowed to name or promote Nordic Latin.

Literal Meanings of ■■■ Laude


Meanings of ■■■:
  1. Is also used in conjunction with (used to describe things that have multiple properties or functions).

  2. Have an orgasm.

  3. Men ■■■■■■■■■ during orgasm.

Sentences of ■■■
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