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Cueca De Couro

Leather underwear What is the origin or meaning of the word / expression? ۔


Currently, I am not satisfied with the answer.

Pertei re o means to express seven premises and give me many answers (= or of course it is a seven, do criminal law, what a deception, I want to deceive others).

Can anyone explain the expression of leather underwear ???

I look forward to hearing from you ...

No, trust me for the first time or like Tom Culcanti. I want to know too

Look .. At first it was either in me or with him or Tom Calvacanti, wave he interpreva or pitch cha ... but not or better, which means ... definitely relevant ... and others. . .

Or Tom Cavalcanti likes to use that expression. He thought it was spoken in CearÃÂÃÂ where it came from, no, I think I want to make a few years that I deserve or respect everyone.

It didn't come with its own ...

UÃÂÃÂ, underwear is made from raw raw or leather such as raw riya case or leather, of course Chaa de Courage underwear ...

Now that means a year of cheating, a clear ... leather underwear - one thing is for sure.

Mm ..

Definitely leather underwear, right ?!





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