Cube Farm

Cube Farm,

How Do You Define Cube Farm?

  1. Cube Farm definition is: An open office is divided into several cubes.

Literal Meanings of Cube Farm


Meanings of Cube:
  1. Increase (number or value) in statistics.

  2. Cut (food) into small cubes.

  3. A parallel three-dimensional shape, solid or hollow, surrounded by six equal squares.

Sentences of Cube
  1. Cube deviation from meaning

  2. I bought beef stuffed at the butcher and cut myself into cubes

  3. Plato believed that atoms were in the form of ordinary polyhedra: cubes, tetrahedrons, octahedra, and so on.

Synonyms of Cube

cube, dice, mince, hexahedron, chop, cuboid, parallelepiped, slice, cut up


Meanings of Farm:
  1. Live by raising or raising livestock.

  2. Send or outsource work to someone else.

  3. Allow someone to collect and keep tax with a license fee.

  4. Properties and buildings that are used for farming and animal husbandry and are usually subordinate to the owner or manager.

Sentences of Farm
  1. Organic farming has been practiced for five years

  2. Save time and money by outsourcing some writing work to specialized companies.

  3. Customs are transferred to the person collecting the goods.

  4. 100 hectare farm

Synonyms of Farm

plantation, farmstead, be a farmer, subcontract, till the land, grange, smallholding, work the land, estate, assign to others, practise farming, cultivate the land, till the soil, contract out, outsource, delegate, holding, do agricultural work, steading, rear livestock