Cuanto Tiempo Se Deja El Termometro

Cuanto Tiempo Se Deja El Termometro

How long is the thermometer dial in EBB?

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The thermometer rotates in a regular tone which indicates when you can take it off. It usually takes 1 minute to reach the right temperature. Peace, Greeting!

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There are some that have a warning bell, if you don't have one, let it sit for a minute and a half. I recommend you use traditional glass thermometers, they are very cheap, and I know they never go off and electronics give wrong readings when the battery is low. Peace, Greeting.

TE emits sound or gust when measuring temperature

1 minute is ideal, although there is usually an alarm in the thermometer display, when the time comes, if it does not go away it is out of position)

Seen for at least one to two minutes, because minutes are usually counted with 45 stars or less. Don't worry if you leave it on longer, the default temperature won't work

Cuanto Tiempo Se Deja El Termometro