Cuanto Pesa Lol

Cuanto Pesa Lol

How many GB does the League of Legends (LOL) weigh? 3

We weigh 0 to 5.5.

Divide into 2 parts

Prime Download Small Sheet 2.5 MB

Then download something called Lol Launcher (if you're on a Mac), you'll see a little loading bar below the icon in the mail: like system tray

Third, download Patcher LOL as before. Below the icon will appear a small loading bar in the dock.

Fourth, the pitcher lol pops up and checks the sheets as 86 scanned sheets tell you.

And start downloading approximately: 1850 MB, 0-33% sharing.

There are five one-time downloads from 33% to 100%, even if you drop them to 78% (like me, set 33% downloads for the first time), you will not download again,

Except when they release the latest version of patch 5.35.4,6.1,6.2 you will download lol launcher, lol patcher and scan the spreadsheet, p weigh

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In my opinion, and based on my PC, it takes up 2.5 GB. P can carry up to 5GB.

***** Torment *****!

12GB for everyone

It weighs approximately 5.69 GB and can weigh up to 6.19 GB when the game is updated)

Cuanto Pesa Lol

Cuanto Pesa Lol

My friend Lucas doesn't know

Cuanto Pesa Lol