Cs2 Molecular Geometry

Cs2 Molecular Geometry

The molecular geometry of the CS2 molecule is ______.?

Well, on the one hand, you can exclude most of these answers simply because you have 3 atoms and for tetrahedral, T-shaped, and triangular levels, all of them have at least four atoms. Required. So you know that carbon almost always follows the byte principle, so there are two double bonds. So there is balance in the structure because there are no unequal electron densities.

Molecular geometry of CS2

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The molecular geometry of the CS2 molecule is ______?

A. Triangular plane

B) Linear

C) T size.

D) Curved

E) Tetrahedral

Linear Since solar wants to form two bonds and carbon four, the two cylinders are connected by a double bond. Since there are only two electronic domains, the domain and the molecular are on geometric lines.

Cs2 Molecular Geometry