Definition of Cryptography:

  1. Discipline or techniques employed in protecting integrity or secrecy of electronic messages by converting them into unreadable (cipher text) form. Only the use of a secret key can convert the cipher text back into human readable (clear text) form. Cryptography software and/or hardware devices use mathematical formulas (algorithms) to change text from one form to another.

  2. The art of writing or solving codes.

Synonyms of Cryptography

Cipher, Code, Coded message, Coup de plume, Criticism, Cryptanalysis, Cryptoanalysis, Cryptoanalytics, Cryptogram, Cryptograph, Cryptographer, Cryptology, Diagnostics, Engrossment, Epigraphy, Exegetics, Hermeneutics, Ink spilling, Inkslinging, Inscription, Invisible ink, Lettering, Lexicography, Literary criticism, Macrography, Metoposcopy, Micrography, Oneirology, Paleography, Pathognomy, Pen, Pen-and-ink, Pencil driving, Physiognomics, Physiognomy, Scrivenery, Scrivening, Secret language, Secret writing, Semeiology, Semeiotics, Sympathetic ink, Symptomatology, Textual criticism, Tropology, Typewriting, Typing, Writing

How to use Cryptography in a sentence?

  1. We decided to use cryptography to best secure our operations as we wanted to protect our selves from any potential losses.
  2. Mathematical cryptography, as bad as it sometimes is, is the strongest link in most security chains.
  3. The overconfident security expert bragged endlessly about his superior cryptography skills, yet the sophisticated hacker group broke the code in short time and with seeming little effort.
  4. I wondered how information in a computer was kept safe and my friend, a computer expert, explained to me how cryptography worked.

Meaning of Cryptography & Cryptography Definition