Crushed Car Roof Repair

Crushed Car Roof Repair

Is it safe to replace a damaged car roof? ۔

A falling branch crushed the roof of my car. I can change it, but is it safe? In the event of an accident, will the car retain its structural strength? (This is the GM W platform since 2002).

Very. The roof is just another panel. It is an outer shell with reinforcement on the sides, front and back. You can replace damaged roofs and tie rods (and damaged interiors) and the car will be as good as new.

It is difficult to answer. Basically, hitting a branch can send a shock wave through the vehicle and damage other areas. I think it depends on how accurate I think it is. This is fine if it was a small thumb and left a piece, but if it were a large branch and the roof was hidden, the energy of this effect could be transferred to the pillars and other parts of the car.

I will have a mechanic check if it is serious, as its effect can weaken the rest of the frame.

in regards to. Safe is always safe. I'll take you to the YSP and change the roof. They will tell you if anything else needs to be done to keep your car safe.

Yes, it is completely safe as long as it is done by a professional who does not cut and thinks that when the car is repaired the price goes up when it is sold. Needs to be displayed.

If correct, yes. Finally, the roof is welded to the assembly line.

Crushed Car Roof Repair