Crude Death Rate

Crude Death Rate,

How To Define Crude Death Rate?

  1. The crude death rate represents the number of deaths in a geographical area. It comes from statistics that are usually compiled in the middle of the year. Raw mortality rates allow population experts to visualize population growth in an area.

Literal Meanings of Crude Death Rate


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Sentences of Crude
  1. The ship had 80,000 tons of crude oil

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  4. Rude joke

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Meanings of Death:
  1. The act or act of killing or killing at the end of the life of a person or organization.

Sentences of Death
  1. Increased mortality from cancerous skin cancer

Synonyms of Death

demise, loss of life, expiry, passing, passing on, departure from life, expiration, final exit, dying, eternal rest, passing away, end


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Sentences of Rate
  1. They were asked to assess their abilities in various driving exercises.

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