Definition of Cross-selling:

  1. Encourage consumers who buy the product (for example, petrol) to buy related or complementary products (eg motor oil). Purchases are usually illegal when there is a link between the two products, with the customer having to buy one to buy the other.

  2. Sales to existing customers (other products or services).

How to use Cross-selling in a sentence?

  1. You should always try to cross-sell with your customers so that they can spend more money on their trips.
  2. I see a customer buying a product and I want to try to sell it to someone else, which is a great combination and complements the item they have.
  3. Databases are used to sell financial services.
  4. The cross-selling strategy turned out to be a great way to make money, as most people have to buy many different products.

Meaning of Cross-selling & Cross-selling Definition