Definition of Cross-reference:

  1. A reference to another text or part of a text, typically given in order to elaborate on a point.

  2. Provide with cross references.

  3. Notation or text enhancement in a glossary or index that directs the reader to a related item explained elsewhere in the same work.

How to use Cross-reference in a sentence?

  1. We had engaged in a cross-reference to further understand and relate the data to us in the most meaningful way.
  2. Entries are fully cross-referenced.
  3. There, that information could be collated with other profiles, to create a social network map of blog cross references.
  4. While I was tempted to feel overwhelmed as I read chapter two of the new manual, there were quite a few cross-references directing me to additional explanations and charts in chapter seven that helped me understand the new by-laws.
  5. He was going to cross-reference them with something else and I decided to go get a pizza while he was busy doing that.

Meaning of Cross-reference & Cross-reference Definition