Interference caused by the interaction of two or more carriers in a transmission system.

Literal Meanings of Cross-modulation


Meanings of Cross:
  1. Geometric figure formed by two straight lines or bars intersecting each other in such a way that at least one of them is bisected by the other.

  2. Any geometric figure of this or a similar shape, such as B. Lorraine Cross or Maltese Cross.

  3. A wooden pole to which a vertical beam is attached, used (especially in the Roman Empire) to (by crucifixion).

  4. (usually c) The cross on which Christ was crucified.

  5. Hand gesture imitating the shape of a cross.

  6. An altered depiction of a crucifix used as an ornament or symbol of religious devotion.

  7. (in a figurative sense, about Christ carrying the cross) Difficult situation.

  8. The act of crossing over is the act of crossing from one side to the other.

  9. An animal or plant that is the result of crossing or cross-pollination.

  10. (by extension) A hybrid of any kind.

  11. A thrown to hit an opponent.

  12. A pass where the ball flies across the field from the sidelines.

  13. A place where paths intersect leading in four directions to a fork (common in British and Irish place names such as Gerrard's Cross).

  14. Monument in honor of such a place. (It is also commonly found in British or Irish place names such as Charing Cross.).

  15. A coin embossed in the shape of a cross, or the obverse of such a coin on which a cross is stamped, hence the mintage in general.

  16. Church lands.

  17. A line drawn through or through another line.

  18. A tool for placing notches perpendicular to the main course.

  19. Forgings with four arms whose axes usually form a right angle.

  20. (Rubik's Cube) Four cubes with faces on one side, which are in place, forming the shape of a cross.

  21. Thirty-sixth map of Lenormand.

  22. Crossfire.

  23. Make or form a cross.

  24. Move relatively.

  25. Offer (social) resistance.

  26. Stamp or mark the check as non-cash, requiring it to be deposited into a bank account.

  27. It is located opposite the main address.

  28. On the contrary, on the contrary.

  29. Contrary to what one expects or wishes.

  30. Bad mood, anger, irritation.

  31. In the opposite direction or in a mutually inverse inverse relationship.

  32. On the other hand.

  33. The cross product of the previous vector and the next vector.

Sentences of Cross
  1. Put a cross for an incorrect answer and a number for a correct answer.

  2. Traditionally, were on a wooden cross.

  3. He made a cross after the oath.

  4. He had a cross on his chain.

  5. This is the cross I must bear.

  6. Cross the fast street.

  7. They managed to cross a sheep with a goat.

  8. At the end of each row were transverse benches connecting the rows.

  9. His actions were contrary to his own happiness.

  10. Please don't get at me. (o) Please don't be at me.

  11. Cross-examination.

  12. He crossed the mountains.

  13. The Lorentz force is q times v intersecting B.


Meanings of Modulation:
  1. A method of applying a signal to a carrier wave, modulation.

  2. Variability and regulation of populations, physiological response, etc.

  3. Key change.