Cross-Indemnity Agreement

Cross-Indemnity Agreement,

Cross-Indemnity Agreement: What is the Meaning of Cross-Indemnity Agreement?

  1. Meaning of Cross-Indemnity Agreement: A form of compensation in chemical and energy industry contracts. In the context of a compensation agreement, the obligation to pay compensation does not depend on mutual negligence. Therefore, each party pledges to compensate the other party for the liability arising out of the other party's actions or negligence.

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Cross-Indemnity Agreement,

What is The Definition of Cross-Indemnity Agreement?

  • The definition of Cross-Indemnity Agreement is: A form of compensation often used in contracts in the energy and chemical industries. In the case of a compensation agreement, the obligation to pay compensation exists on a mutual basis regardless of error. In this case, each party pledges to exempt the other party from liability arising out of the other party's actions or omissions.

Literal Meanings of Cross-Indemnity Agreement


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