Cross Guarantee

Cross Guarantee,

Cross Guarantee: What is the Meaning of Cross Guarantee?

  • Also known as Business to Business Guarantee. Guarantee of repayment of loans etc. by a group of companies. Other companies in the group, if the latter do not pay for it. The group also carries out suicide bombings to raise funds or provide various loans.

Literal Meanings of Cross Guarantee


Meanings of Cross:
  1. Cross or spread on the other side (road, highway, water area or area)

  2. Take the opposite direction or cross.

  3. Use the cross to draw one or more lines across the mark.

  4. (No) Christian makes the sign of the cross in front of the chest to demand respect or divine protection.

  5. Pass the center (ball) while attacking the entire field.

  6. Causes (animals of one breed, breed or variety) interfere with another breed, breed or variety.

  7. Opposition or obstruction (to someone)

  8. A symbol, object, or icon that contains two short lines or intersecting parts (+ or ×)

  9. A vertical bar with a cross, as used in ancient times for the crucifixion.

  10. An animal or plant that is the result of a hybrid cross.

  11. A ball passes through the playing field towards the center near the opponent's goal.

  12. Disappointed

Sentences of Cross
  1. Crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice

  2. The two lines meet at 90

  3. Cross ts

  4. The daughter quickly lost contact with the victims.

  5. I can't reach the line to pass the ball

  6. Many animals of this breed were bred in breed Guransi

  7. No one dares to cross

  8. Cutting the cross into the bark with a sharp knife

  9. Let the wicked in me be nailed to the sacrifice of the crucifixion and you have risen in the hope of a holy and blessed resurrection.

  10. A cross between Devon and Holstein

Synonyms of Cross

peeved, range over, connect, cut across, contradict, quarrel with, check, make one's way across, resentful, out of humour, impede, wander over, piqued, join, vexed, frustrate, combination, argue with, hamper, galled, composite, meet, mixed breed, irked, block, amalgam, hybrid


Meanings of Guarantee:
  1. A formal promise (usually in writing) or a guarantee that certain conditions will be met, including repairing or replacing a product if it does not meet certain standards and durability.

  2. Guarantees formal liability to repay someone else's debt or, in the event of fulfilling someone else's debt, formal liability to repay someone else's debt.

  3. In particular, provide a formal guarantee or promise that certain conditions related to a product, service or transaction will be met.

Sentences of Guarantee
  1. We offer a 10 year warranty against rust.

  2. The thief makes sure that the dirt will get at least 20 ounces of gold

Synonyms of Guarantee

bond, commitment, warranty, pledge, warrant, undertaking, covenant, compact, contract, assurance, agreement, arrangement, settlement, promise, understanding