Cross functional teams

Cross functional teams,

Definition of Cross functional teams:

  1. Groups of employees assigned to carry out projects that have different applicable skills or areas of professional expertise. Cross functional teams might be used by a business in complicated new product development projects where multiple skills or disciplines can contribute useful work toward its successful completion.

  2. Denoting or relating to a system whereby people from different areas of an organization work together as a team.

How to use Cross functional teams in a sentence?

  1. Today we will be working with CROSS FUNCTIONAL TEAMS , which consists of myself, a master electrician, Tom Bailey, a master carpenter, and John Smith, an expert plumber, so that we may complete this job as quickly as possible, using every ones particular skills as best we can.
  2. Our cross functional teams were working very well together and were getting a lot of work done that we needed.
  3. The need for a cross-functional approach to problem solving.
  4. The employes in our marketing division are all part of cross functional teams and are able to easily switch from creating a marketing campaign to presenting a new sales technique.

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