What is Cross-defendant?

  • Definition of Cross-defendant: In the counterclaim, the party was named after the plaintiff.

Literal Meanings of Cross-defendant


Meanings of Cross:
  1. Markers, objects or images that consist of two short lines or intersecting parts (+ or ×)

  2. A straight pole, with a cross on it, was used for the crucifixion in ancient times.

  3. Hybrid crossbreed animal or plant.

  4. Passing through the playground in the middle, close to the opponent's goal.

  5. Walking or spreading through (roads, walkways, water bodies or areas)

  6. Run or cross in the opposite direction.

  7. Draw one or more lines along the cross on the marker.

  8. (A person) makes the sign of the cross on his chest a symbol of reverence for Christians or prays for God's protection.

  9. Pass the ball across the court during the attack.

  10. Reasons (one breed of animal, breed or variety) to breed with one of the other breeds, breeds or different species

  11. Opponent (no)

  12. Angry

Sentences of Cross
  1. Cut a cross into the bark with a sharp knife

  2. Let the wicked in me be set on the cross of the cross, and that which pleases Him may ascend in the hope of a holy and blessed resurrection.

  3. Devon and Holstein crossings

  4. Beckham's team lost to Coleman

  5. Twice across the Atlantic

  6. The two lines meet at an angle of 90

  7. Leave ts

  8. When the dead were mentioned, the daughter hurried across the board.

  9. I can't reach the line to pass the ball

Synonyms of Cross

crucifix, rood, hybrid, hybridization, cross-breed, mixed breed, half-breed, half blood, mixture, amalgam, blend, combination, composite, conglomerate, travel across, go across, cut across, make one's way across, traverse, range over, tramp over, wander over, intersect, meet


Meanings of Defendant:
  1. The person, company or institution against which a lawsuit or indictment is being filed.

Sentences of Defendant
  1. Defendant tried to claim that it was self-defense

Synonyms of Defendant

accused, prisoner at the bar