What is The Definition of Crop?

  • Crop refers to Coverage to protect crops from damage or loss due to various hazards including fire, electricity, loss of income, storm, hurricane, hail, flood, rain or insect damage.

  • Farmers can buy agricultural insurance as farming and other financial guarantees. It protects crops from hail, drought, floods and other factors.

Meanings of Crop

  1. The cut (especially someone's hair) is very short.

  2. Cut (animals) and eat the tip (plant)

  3. Crops (crops or products) in a specific area.

  4. Plants grown to eat food, especially grains, fruits or vegetables.

  5. A group or number of people or related things that appear or occur at the same time.

  6. Hairstyles where hair is cut very short.

  7. Whip shorts

  8. A bird's esophageal bag that is used to store or prepare food for digestion.

  9. Skin of all colored animals.

Sentences of Crop

  1. She cut her long blonde hair

  2. The horse cuts the grass with the sugar

  3. The grass will be mown several times in the summer.

  4. The main crops are wheat and barley

  5. Current politicians

  6. Your hair is short

  7. Mother's candle food digests some of her food

Synonyms of Crop

cane, throat, reap, maw, cat, cut, whip, snip, nibble, craw, assortment, selection, cut short, shear, nibble at, mow, eat, browse on, scourge, feed on, lash, graze on, trim

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What is The Definition of Crop?

  • Crop refers to Coverage that protects patients from damage or damage to crops against a variety of hazards, including electricity, loss of income, damage to oxen, storms, hail, rain, or pests.

  • Crop means: Farmers can buy crop insurance as a form of farming and other financial guarantees. It protects crops from hail, drought, drought and other factors.

Meanings of Crop

  1. Commercially grown crops, especially cereals, fruits or vegetables.

  2. A hairstyle in which the hair is cut very short.

  3. Abbreviation for Litter or Hunting Litter.

  4. A pouch in a bird's esophagus used to store or prepare food for digestion.

  5. Tan the skins of all animals

  6. (Cutting something, especially someone's hair) Very short.

  7. Cutting (animals) and eating signs (plants).

  8. Harvesting (plant or product) in a given area.

Sentences of Crop

  1. Mother's wax digests some of her vegetable food.

  2. The horse mows the grass with thanks.

Synonyms of Crop

gula, birch, remove, detach, oesophagus, gullet, stick, pare, make shorter, take off, intake, gather in, cut off, barber, the red lane, pharynx, cull, pasture, hunting crop, tonsure, prune, take in, switch, cut into a bob, pick, hack off