Critical Success Factor

Critical Success Factor,

What is Critical Success Factor?

  • A simple definition of Critical Success Factor is: The key to success is something that the company must accomplish to achieve its ultimate goal.

Literal Meanings of Critical Success Factor


Meanings of Critical:
  1. Make negative or negative comments or ratings.

  2. Express or suggest an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a literary, musical or artistic work.

  3. (Situation or problem) which can be catastrophic in case of crisis.

  4. Relating or pointing to the point of transition from one state to another.

  5. (From nuclear or fuel reactors) to maintain an independent chain reaction.

Sentences of Critical
  1. Criticized many American social programs

  2. He never got the critical recognition he was looking for.

  3. The floods have not abated and the situation remains critical

  4. If the density is less than a certain critical value, the gravitational forces are too weak to prevent expansion.

Synonyms of Critical

condemnatory, disparaging, risky, elucidative, commentative, denunciatory, disapproving, expository, evaluative, scathing, judgemental, fault-finding, precarious, criticizing, analytical, negative, explanatory, unsympathetic, dangerous, unfavourable, acute, analytic


Meanings of Success:
  1. Achieve a goal or purpose.

  2. Good or bad results for a company.

Sentences of Success
  1. There is a fine line between success and failure.

Synonyms of Success

aftermath, follow-up, end, wake, end result, issue, consequence, successful outcome, favourable outcome, victory, development, outgrowth, net result, offshoot, denouement, upshot, effect, favourable result, result, successfulness, end product, positive result


Meanings of Factor:
  1. Another term for factoring

  2. Configure (software source code) into different components that are easy to maintain and use.

  3. Sale of an element (accounts receivable).

  4. A state, reality or influence that contributes to a result.

  5. A number or quantity that, when multiplied by another, produces a certain number or expression.

  6. Any substance in the blood is primarily identified by a number that is involved in clotting.

  7. Sales agents, traders who buy and sell on a commission basis.

Sentences of Factor
  1. Last year, researchers calculated 155 digits

  2. Receiving rent while calculating the confiscated property

  3. Work fast, be aware of the time factor

  4. An amount of more than one thousand or more

  5. This involves changing the balance between procoagulant and anticoagulant factors in the blood.

  6. Her father was the chief postman at Hudson's Bay Company

Synonyms of Factor

ingredient, agent, aspect, item, representative, determinant, middleman, element, consideration, intermediary, detail, constituent, characteristic, part, component, facet, go-between, feature, thing, deputy