Criar Escudo De Time

Criar Escudo De Time

How can you extend the time without legs? 3

How do I pick up my soccer ball and not just command it? Be independent with me.

Easy to use editor. I double click on the options or our name and cast for editing, deleting, etc. For tracking or time transfer.

Since only teams were considered correct, they belonged to at least 1 top scorer and 11 line players. This is because the article or the time spent on it appears in the rental list.

Shields and other mini-shields

It is not necessary to add or shield to increase the time. But you don't want to paste or save the game in .gif or .bmp format. To save or save mini_shields in .bmp format, paste 'minishields'. The mini shield has the same name as the word mini_ in the previous shield file (for example, if the shield is called cruz.gif or mini shield then it should be saved as mini_cruzeiro.bmp) and its Size must be 18x18 pixels. Not in bmp format

Note shields can be edited and saved with any image editor, such as B. Windows Brush.

Irresistible key

Campus Management Structure:

F2 = Save or play

F3 = Option Network

F4 = The game of your time

F5 = Leaderboard

F6 = administration or stadium

F7 = Notification long ago

F8 = Show all the time.

F9 = friend's handkerchief

Ctrl + F = Time Funded.

Ctrl + T = jogging table

During the game:

Inter or space: opens the alternative of human time.

F1 to F5: Forward speed, one run.

Outside Windows:

Confirm the entry

Esc: Cancel.

many years

Faces have already helped you, right?

Go to TEAM EDITOR ... the section of the article that says: add stuff ... and then you create ... is the case ... you are registered as the level of honey ... and select it. If not Add players ... so you can see how they're playing ...

More before that ... more come to my blog, and read it ... that's great, there's a story (ja) by Catano Veloso, a substance of scams from around the world. ... some trivial things like words given before death ... I say some words in Portuguese not in syl ... or © © tautology ... and also example ... in summary tÃÂà Not good..worth a look © Comment ...

Criar Escudo De Time