Crew means,

  • Your team includes everyone involved in working with you and whose actions relate to the hidden activities of those who wish to be included in your policy. Adding a staff member increases your insurance status to cover your shares, whereas additional insured shares are not usually included.

Meanings of Crew

  1. Provide a group of people (boat or vehicle) to operate it.

  2. A group of people who operate and operate an airplane, a plane, an airplane, a spacecraft or a train.

  3. A group of people is working together.

  4. The last crow

Sentences of Crew

  1. The boat usually has five people.

  2. He was one of nine crew members killed in the plane crash

  3. Ambulance team

Synonyms of Crew

unit, squad, working party, posse, party, team, line-up, gang, company, force, corps, shift

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