Credit Wrap

Credit Wrap,

Credit Wrap Meanings:

  1. A form of financial guarantee insurance that does not cover all of the borrower's debts, but loans, bonds or other financial transactions.

  2. A form of financial guarantee insurance that does not cover all indebtedness, but covers certain loans, bonds or other financial transactions.

Literal Meanings of Credit Wrap


Meanings of Credit:
  1. A customer's eligibility to receive goods or services in advance is based on the belief that payment will be made in the future.

  2. Public praise or appreciation, usually given or received when someone is responsible for an action or idea or becomes clear.

  3. Confirmation is that the student has completed a course or activity that counts for the declared diploma or diploma in the school records.

  4. Publicly acknowledge that anyone is involved in its production (anything that will be published or broadcast).

Sentences of Credit
  1. Columns should be added to each page and total costs should be equal to the total balance

  2. The president claims to have acknowledged all the achievements

Synonyms of Credit

regard, have confidence in, rely on, credit, trust, acknowledgement, accept, approbation, believe, set down, glory, respect, credibility, adulation, esteem, commendation, put down, reliability, believability, count on, hat tip, chalk up


Meanings of Wrap:
  1. Cover or insert (something else) with some paper or soft material.

  2. Reasons (units of words or text) When you reach the border, automatically move to a new line or turn on built-in functions such as images.

  3. Stop recording or recording.

  4. A loose coat or a piece of cloth.

  5. The sandwich is wrapped in a soft tortilla.

  6. End of shooting or recording session.

  7. This means physical wrapping

Sentences of Wrap
  1. Last Christmas, he was still picking up presents at 1am.

  2. The program can automatically wrap text in irregular graphics

  3. Wrap

  4. Point Cafe offers a variety of breakfast items as well as soups, salads, sandwiches and wraps.

Synonyms of Wrap

mantle, swaddle, enclose, fold, swathe, enfold, stole, envelop, sheathe, scarf, bundle up, cape, muffle, cover, shawl, encase, cloak, wind