Credit Carry-forward

Credit Carry-forward,

Credit Carry-forward Meanings:

Credit Carry-forward definition is: In insurance, ie the transfer of loans or benefits from the accounting period of the long-term insurance contract to the following year.

Literal Meanings of Credit Carry-forward


Meanings of Credit:
  1. Publicly recognizing someone as a production participant (something that has been published or broadcast)

  2. A customer's ability to receive goods or services before payment is based on the belief that payment will be made in the future.

  3. The entries that record the amount received are listed on the right or in the Accounts column.

  4. Public praise or appreciation, usually given or received when someone is responsible for an action or idea or becomes clear.

  5. Confirmation is that the student has completed a course or activity that counts for the declared diploma or diploma in the school records.

Sentences of Credit
  1. The reason for this version was an American author and two Japanese

  2. Columns must be included on each page and the total cost must be equal to the total credit

  3. The president claims to have acknowledged all the achievements

Synonyms of Credit

believe, rely on, merit, approbation, have confidence in, hat tip, chalk up, financial standing, credit, put down, attribute, ascribe, credibility, assign, adulation, acclaim, veneration, regard, reliability, accredit


Meanings of Carry:
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Credit Carry-forward,

Definition of Credit Carry-forward:

  • In reinsurance, the benefits of transferring credit or bookkeeping from one long-term reinsurance contract to another.

Literal Meanings of Credit Carry-forward


Meanings of Credit:
  1. Based on the assurance that the payment will be made in the future.

  2. Public recognition or appreciation is given or received when the responsibility for an action or idea becomes clear.

  3. Identification of the completion of the course or activity by the student, which is counted in the degree or diploma shown in the school report.

Sentences of Credit
  1. Columns should be added and the amount of debit should be equal to the amount of credit.

  2. This deferred tax can be added to the income statement.

Synonyms of Credit

stick something on, commendation, depend on, admiration, eulogium, take something as gospel, and sinker, laudation, fall for, go for, esteem, tributes, brownie points, thanks, trust, line, swallow, gratitude, connect with, financial status, lay at the door of, buy, count on, have faith in, extolment, set down, glory, respect, associate with


Meanings of Carry:
  1. Help and move (someone or something) from one place to another.

  2. Load the load.

Sentences of Carry
  1. You have to take responsibility for the mess they bring into the business.

  2. If the other short-term rate is above the current rate of return, then we are talking about negative shipping.

Synonyms of Carry

tote, uphold, reach, bless, lug, bring, consent to, accede to, OK, buy, give the OK to, turn one's hand to, take on, handle, involve, be audible, lead to, take up, deal with, ratify


Meanings of Forward:
  1. The direction we are looking or going.

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  3. For a happy graduation.

  4. Agreement to exchange a specific asset, usually a currency, at a specified price on a specific future date.

Synonyms of Forward

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