Credibility Meanings:

  • (1) A practical term that describes the level of accuracy in predicting future events based on statistical reporting of past events. (2) Assigned or assigned weight to the observed data, as opposed to external or large datasets. Credibility is used to measure the value of the relevant prediction of the data being studied. Weight can be determined by detailed formulas or scoring. Observed data should generally increase the weight assigned to the number of exposure bases and may decrease with maximum variation in the observation data.

  • You can define Credibility as, The weights assigned to the analyzed data are typically for larger datasets. A measure of predictive value relative to the data being studied. Assigned weight usually increases with increasing risk amount in statistical analysis. Low weight (reputation factor) means maximum variability in the results of the analyzed data.

  • The measurement of statistics to the extent that past results are good predictors of future results.

Meanings of Credibility

  1. Quality can be trusted and relied upon.

Sentences of Credibility

  1. Loss of credibility for the government

Synonyms of Credibility

soundness , likelihood , satisfactoriness , solidity , plausibility , reliability, chance , probability , trustworthiness , dependability, character, validity , prospect , integrity , believability , possibility , integrity, reliability , solidness , trustworthiness, tenability