Definition of Create:

  1. Activate (something)

  2. Constructing, assembling or creating something or an idea. The process of creation is often associated with innovation with existing content. For example, one could combine existing products sold by a company to create a new product.

Synonyms of Create

Hew, Mold, Make up, Fix, Design, Work, Think up, Formalize, Conceive, Write, Initiate, Make, ■■■■■, Engender, Elaborate, Precede, Construct, Mint, Generate, Contrive, Lead the way, Institute, Coin, Stamp, Conceptualize, Give origin to, Roughcast, Conceit, Do, Compose, Ideate, Give rise to, Effect, Design, Pioneer, Bring to effect, Turn out, Break the ice, Author, Imagine, Indite, Fashion, Head, Do, Block out, ■■■■■, Take the lead, Make, Fashion, Fabricate, Compound, Stand first, Head up, Suppose, Produce, Prepare, Start, Prefabricate, Fantasize, Give occasion to, Raise, Sire, Tailor, Figure, Set afloat, Frame, Bring into being, Spawn, Occasion, Set up, Efform, Build, Experience imaginatively, Put together, Formulate, Generate, Sculpture, Rough out, Form, Mature, Innovate, Bear, Gestate, Invent, Extrude, Procreate, Organize, Give birth to, Rear, Run up, Devise, Fudge together, Beget, Assemble, Lay out, Model, Roughhew, Chisel, Set on foot, Bring about, Revolutionize, Put up, Take the plunge, Parent, Dream up, Concoct, Carve, Breed, Lick into shape, Cast, Originate, Take the initiative, Call into being, Break ground, Produce, Fabricate, Whomp up, Forge, Manufacture, Thermoform, Patch together, Found, Inaugurate, Set, Father, Establish, Get up, Lead off, Evolve, Fictionalize, Construct, Sculpt, Knock out, Fancy, Constitute, Hatch, Effectuate, Shape, Lead, Piece together, Manufacture, Bring forth, Build, Cause, Knead, Develop, Bring to pass, Realize, Cut

How to use Create in a sentence?

  1. He built a lake on thirty acres.

Meaning of Create & Create Definition

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