Cream Cheese Packets

Cream Cheese Packets

Where can I buy a bag of cream cheese? ۔

Preferably, craft Philadelphia cream cheese. In individual bags and in the small expensive containers you find at the restaurant when you order a cream cheese bagel. I tried many supermarkets and even searched online without any luck.

Cream cheese pack

Individual cream cheese.

Sam Club, Costco or the restaurant supply store near you.

In fact, I would go to a restaurant you know and ask the chef to order something from you. This will not be a problem for them and if you pay in cash it is a fee that the restaurant can cancel.

As a cook, I order all kinds of things for people. The most notable thing was a customer who asked me to bring 18 kg of unsalted butter.

There was a time when I saw it, but I saw it at Walmart near the supermarket. I can't tell you, but I wanted to buy a big box from Sams / Costco.

Cream Cheese Packets

Cream Cheese Packets

Try Walmart if it has a grocery department or Costco. You must visit the Gbox Club Store to find such items.

Sam Club.

Costco or Walmart sell single servicing type. They look like big packets of ketchup.

You can get it from Foods Company in CA or sometimes from Safeway Bon L. shopping

Cream Cheese Packets