Definition of Cracker:

  1. A person or thing that cracks.

  2. A paper cylinder that is pulled apart at Christmas or other celebrations, making a sharp noise and releasing a small toy or other novelty.

  3. Malicious person who attempts or breaks into a secure computer system, with the intent of stealing or destroying information or disabling the system. Crackers are sophisticated, well equipped criminals, whereas bright young programmers looking for a challenge are called hackers because of the absence of criminal intent.

  4. A thin, crisp wafer often eaten with cheese or other savory toppings.

  5. Another term for poor white.

  6. A fine example of something.

Synonyms of Cracker

Brussels biscuit, Klaxon, Melba toast, Backwoodsman, Biscuit, Boiler factory, Boiler room, Bone, Briar-hopper, Brush ape, Bull-roarer, Bushman, Catcall, Cherry bomb, Clack, Clacker, Clam digger, Clapper, Cricket, Desert rat, Dust, Firecracker, Forester, Frontiersman, Graham cracker, Hardtack, Hillbilly, Hinterlander, Horn, Mountain man, Mountaineer, Mummy, Noisemaker, Parchment, Pilot biscuit, Piny, Pretzel, Rattle, Rattlebox, Redneck, Ridge runner, Rusk, Saltine, Sea biscuit, Ship biscuit, Sinker, Siren, Snapper, Soda cracker, Steam whistle, Stick, Ticktack, Wafer, Whistle, Whizgig, Whizzer, Woodlander, Woodman, Woodsman, Zwieback, Masterpiece, Sensation, Marvel, Wonder, Triumph, Winner, Success, Feat, Coup, Master stroke

How to use Cracker in a sentence?

  1. Any right minded code cracker would know what he just told me.
  2. She grabbed a few crackers and cream cheese, grabbed her backpack, and hiked upstairs to start.
  3. And after their roast turkey dinner, the gang pulled the crackers and donned the paper hats.

Meaning of Cracker & Cracker Definition