Cpr Dog Registry

Cpr Dog Registry

What is a Certified Pet Record? 3

I know you can register your dog here, but what's the difference between AKC and UKC?


It is good? Bad?

Someone is selling pit dogs near me. This is her mother's first child. After all, both parents are purebred and local. When I called and met the puppies, they told me they had the papers. Well, now that I'm mine, I checked her website and saw that her dogs were registered for CPR. Can I run as fast as I want and look elsewhere?

I've never heard of CPR so I'm trying to figure it out.

I will definitely run away. I was very happy when they told me they had the papers. But when I saw that it was CPR, I thought twice.

Thanks alias. I didn't know it had a website until I checked Shell. But just for fun, this is the site.

AKC and UKC are good, just different areas.

The list of certified pets looks like a list of Puppy Mills / BYB. In other words, really, really bad.

This is a great article explaining the different dog records.

Cpr Dog Registry