Cowboy: What is the Meaning of Cowboy?

  1. An unscrupulous businessman, often unskilled, especially one who receives high pay for low quality work. Don't be confused by first class shepherd posts.

Meanings of Cowboy

  1. A person, usually on horseback, who raises and nurtures cattle, especially in Western America and as described in the novels and novels.

  2. People who are reckless or careless, especially when driving.

  3. Act like a shepherd

Sentences of Cowboy

  1. He still plays cowboy and Indian

Synonyms of Cowboy

cowman, herdsman, rogue, fraudster, cowherd, unscrupulous operator, trickster, herder, rascal, charlatan, swindler, cattleman, cheat, drover, scoundrel, cowhand, rancher, stockman