Definition of Covering:

  1. A thing used to cover something else, typically in order to protect or conceal it.

  2. (of shooting) carried out to protect an exposed person from an enemy.

  3. Ensuring that cash inflows are greater than (or at least equal to) cash outflows, in order to meet cash obligations when they fall due.

Synonyms of Covering

Awning, Tarpaulin, Cowling, Casing, Housing, Assimilating, Bigness, Blanket, Blanketing, Border, Brooding, Burial, Burying, Calcimining, Circumference, Cloak, Cloaking, Clouding, Coat, Coating, Collop, Comprising, Concealedness, Concealing, Concealment, Containing, Cortex, Counting, Cover, Coverage, Covering up, Covert, Covertness, Coverture, Cowl, Cowling, Crust, Curtain, Curtaining, Custodial, Cut, Darkening, Deal, Deception, Defensive, Disk, Drape, Drapery, Embracing, Enameling, Encircling, Enclosing, Encompassing, Envelope, Enveloping, Envisaging, Epidermis, Exterior, External, Facade, Face, Facet, Feuille, Film, Flap, Foil, Fold, Fostering, Fresco, Fringe, Front, Gestation, Gilding, Glazing, Glossing, Gravidity, Gravidness, Greatness, Guardian, Guarding, Guise, Hanging, Heaviness, Hiddenness, Hiding, Hood, Housing, Immunizing, Including, Inclusive, Incorporating, Incubation, Integument, Interment, Invisibility, Japanning, Lamella, Lamina, Laminated glass, Laminated wood, Lap, Leaf, Lineaments, Mantle, Mask, Masking, Membrane, Mystification, Nonrevealing, Numbering, Obscuration, Obscurement, Obscuring, Occultation, Outer face, Outer layer, Outer side, Outer skin, Outline, Outside, Painting, Pall, Pane, Panel, Parental, Patina, Peel, Pellicle, Periphery, Plait, Plank, Plate, Plating, Ply, Plywood, Pregnancy, Preventive, Priming, Prophylactic, Protecting, Protective, Putting away, Rasher, Rind, Safeguarding, Safety glass, Screen, Screening, Scum, Secrecy, Secretion, Shading, Sheathing, Sheet, Shell, Shellacking, Shelter, Sheltering, Shield, Shielding, Shroud, Shrouding, Sitting, Skin, Slab, Slat, Slice, Staining, Stippling, Subterfuge, Superficies, Superstratum, Surface, Table, Tablet, The family way, Top, Tutelary, Uncommunicativeness, Undercoating, Undisclosing, Unrevealing, Varnishing, Veil, Veiling, Veneer, Vestment, Vigilant, Wafer, Watchful, Whitewashing, Wrapping

How to use Covering in a sentence?

  1. A vinyl floor covering.

Meaning of Covering & Covering Definition

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