What Does Covered Mean?

  1. The person covering the pension plan is the person who meets the requirements of the plan, receives benefits from it or benefits from it.

Meanings of Covered

  1. Put something in front of (something) or in front of it, especially to save or hide it.

  2. Divided into (one area)

  3. Cover (title) by explaining or analyzing key aspects or events.

  4. Enough to pay (amount of money) (fee)

  5. Hide a sound or action (something) with a different sound or action.

  6. Aim at (someone's) gun to prevent it from moving or escaping.

  7. Record or play a new version (of a song) that was played by someone else.

  8. (Men compete with animals, especially men with horses) (Women)

  9. Play the most cards (high cards) at a turn.

  10. Anything above, above or around an object, especially to protect or hide it.

  11. Protection or protection for the weak.

  12. Protection against liability, loss or accident through insurance.

Sentences of Covered

  1. The table is covered with a checkered tablecloth

  2. The land is eight hectares

  3. A series of novels from 1968 to the present

  4. There are grants to cover the cost of materials to make the attic insulating.

  5. Louise laughed to hide her embarrassment.

  6. He picked up his gun to cover Clift

Synonyms of Covered

refuge, place something over, cowling, stop something being overheard, pay back, sanctuary, disguise, covering, wrapping, concealment, envelope, unfold, indemnification, have enough money for, finance, range, sheath, offset, security, hiding, housing, place under cover, make up, compensation

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Covered Meanings:

  • Persons covered under the pension plan are those who meet the eligibility requirements of the plan as the benefits under the benefits of the scheme have been received, deposited or received.

Meanings of Covered

  1. Put (something) in or in front of it, especially to protect or hide it.

  2. Extender (one area)

  3. Deals with (topics), explains or analyzes critical aspects or events.

  4. (One amount) will be enough to pay (fee).

  5. Obscuring a sound or reality (something) with another sound or action.

  6. Aim at (someone's) gun to prevent it from moving forward or fleeing.

  7. To have sex with (male animals, especially Stalin) (females).

Sentences of Covered

  1. A series of novels covering the period from 1968 to the present.

  2. Subsidies are provided to cover the cost of roofing insulation equipment.

  3. Louise smiled to hide her embarrassment.

  4. He took up arms to cover Clift.

  5. Another artist who covered the song is U2.

  6. A hardworking horse that has raised 40 horses this season.

Synonyms of Covered

enfold, hide, counterbalance, protect, engulf, house, swathe, shroud, stifle, blot out, put something on top of, smother, muffle, make up for, veil, provide for, sink, secrete, be enough for, cup, surround, obscure, fund, balance


How Do You Define Covered?

  1. Persons covered under the pension plan are those who meet the eligibility requirements of the plan because the benefits under the benefits of the plan were obtained, accumulated or received.

Meanings of Covered

  1. Put something on or in front of (something), especially to protect or hide it.

  2. Extender (an area).

  3. Dealing with (topics), describing or analyzing the most important aspects or events.

  4. Obscure a sound or reality (something) with another sound or action.

  5. Associating with (male animals, especially Stallions) (females).

  6. Play high card (high card) in one round.

Sentences of Covered

  1. Subsidies are provided to cover the cost of roof insulation equipment.

  2. When ten is covered, the tactic will fail.

Synonyms of Covered

pay for, cancel out, cloak, mask, immerse, shelter, submerge, camouflage, embed, enshroud, tuck, shield, bury, enclose