Coverage Territory

Coverage Territory,

Coverage Territory:

Definition of Coverage Territory:

The general liability coverage covers personal injury and property damage as a result of incidents in National Checkpoint areas, including the United States (including its territories and its property), Puerto Rico and Canada. As described.

You will review guidelines for acceptable activities based on your zip code. However, coverage is not limited to your specific location or zip code. This means that, depending on the policy, you can have a business address in one state and work in another.

Literal Meanings of Coverage Territory


Meanings of Coverage:
  1. The degree to which something is related or applies to something else

Sentences of Coverage
  1. Grammar does not provide complete language coverage.


Meanings of Territory:
  1. An area of ​​land under jurisdiction or sovereign state.

  2. (Especially in the United States, Canada or Australia) An orderly division of a country that has not yet recognized all the rights of a country.

  3. A field of knowledge, activity or experience.

Sentences of Territory
  1. The government is ready to give up nuclear weapons on its soil

  2. Prior to the trip, he had only been home for five months, living in the foothills of northern Canada.

  3. Controversial area of ​​medical specimens

Synonyms of Territory

area, province, enclave, area of land, region, area of interest, preserve, territory, field, speciality, field of interest, interest