Coverage Start Date

Coverage Start Date,

Definition of Coverage Start Date:

  • The day insurance coverage comes into effect.

Literal Meanings of Coverage Start Date


Meanings of Coverage:
  1. The degree to which something is related or applies to something else.

Sentences of Coverage
  1. Grammar does not provide complete language coverage.


Meanings of Start:
  1. Start or count from a specific time or place.

  2. (An event or action) happens or happens.

  3. Take a short jump or move a sudden shock or alarm.

  4. The moment or place where something begins.

  5. Movement of sudden shock or alarm.

  6. The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, an agreement between the United States and the Soviet Union to limit and reduce strategic nuclear weapons, was first signed in 1991.

Sentences of Start
  1. Season after season begins

  2. The upper floor of the building caught fire

  3. "Great!" "Get started," he said

  4. Take over as CEO early next year

  5. He woke up with a jolt

Synonyms of Start

spasm, beginning, emerge, crop up, emergence, go ahead, shy, come forth, wince, jump, arrival, jerk, twitch, onset, appear, develop, begin, get under way, erupt, first see the light of day, get going, arrive


Meanings of Date:
  1. Set or check the date (an item or event)

  2. Mark or show as obsolete.

  3. Meet someone (whether you are romantic or sexually attracted)

  4. Months or days of the year, indicated by numbers.

  5. Dating or social or romantic affiliation.

  6. Sweet, dark brown, oval fruit with hard core, usually eaten dry.

  7. A large palm is native to West Asia and North Africa.

Sentences of Date
  1. The paintings are from 1460-1470

  2. Disco - That's the word that comes to mind

  3. I dated a former friend a few years ago

  4. What day is it today

  5. A student is meeting someone he met in class

  6. However, he cautioned diabetics to beware of high-calorie fruits such as mangoes, pomegranates and jackfruits, as well as high-calorie fruits such as dates and grapes.

  7. The Phoenix Sylvester Palm or Toddy Palm palm is very similar to the canary palm and edible palm.

Synonyms of Date

ascertain the age of, put a date on, assign a date to, occasion, appointment, assignation, rendezvous, day, engagement, day of the month, see, determine the age of, go out with, year, go around with, go with, court, be involved with, woo, ascertain the date of, carbon-date, determine the date of, anniversary, take out, time, establish the age of, meeting, establish the date of, be romantically linked with