Covenant Not To Execute

Covenant Not To Execute,

What is The Definition of Covenant Not To Execute?

  1. An agreement reached by the plaintiff in a legal dispute that does not impose a monetary decision on the defendant. Delays in payment are sometimes charged by the policyholder for reviewing the policyholder's approval and for allowing the transfer of possible bad faith claims against the liability insurer.

Literal Meanings of Covenant Not To Execute


Meanings of Covenant:
  1. A contract.

  2. Receive by lease, process or other legally binding agreement.

Sentences of Covenant
  1. There is an alliance between them that will never be mentioned

  2. The owner agrees to improve the property

Synonyms of Covenant

give an undertaking, vow, settlement, bargain, accord, bond, promise, give one's word, understanding, guarantee, concordat, agreement, contract, warrant, indenture, deal, compact, entente, commit oneself, enter into an agreement


Meanings of Not:
  1. It is used to match the auxiliary or "to" verb. It is used in some constructions with other verbs.

  2. It is used as a short alternative to the negative clause.

  3. It is used to denote another word.

  4. It is used correctly to indicate that the opposite of the word or phrase that comes after it is true.

  5. When the variable is zero and vice versa, the only variable boolean operator is one.

  6. (Paper) is not hot pressed and has a slight texture.

Sentences of Not
  1. He will not say

  2. I may regret it, but I have no hope

  3. No attempt was made

  4. The future is not far off

Synonyms of Not

not about, averse, loath, indisposed, disinclined, not in the mood, slow, reluctant


Meanings of To:
  1. Towards Express Movement

  2. Proximity or limit (certain conditions)

  3. Identify the person or object in question.

  4. It shows that two things are connected.

  5. Anxious or troubled (something, especially a summary)

  6. Used to add another item to the competition.

  7. It is used with the basic form of the verb to indicate that the verb is ineffective.

  8. When the absent verb is considered clear, it is used without following the verb.

Sentences of To
  1. Going out in the mall

  2. Christopher's expression turned from surprise to joy.

  3. You are very moderate about it

  4. Married cousin John

  5. He left his motorcycle tied to the fence

  6. This is nothing compared to before

  7. He threw the door behind him

  8. He told her to come, but he said he didn't want to

Synonyms of To

firmly fixed, so as to approach, fastened, secure, toward, tight, so as to near, to, in the direction of, secured


Meanings of Execute:
  1. Follow or follow (plan, command or action plan)

  2. Execution of (legally convicted persons)

Sentences of Execute
  1. The company conducted a series of financial transactions

  2. He was convicted of high treason and hanged

Synonyms of Execute

discharge, carry through, perform, carry out a sentence of death on, attain, complete, bring about, carry off, put to death, effect, engineer, enact, enforce, realize, accomplish, carry out, implement, put into practice, bring off, prosecute, administer, do