Court Costs

Court Costs,

What is The Meaning of Court Costs?

  • In addition to litigation, there are fees for starting or defending a lawsuit. If permitted by law, the court may pay the winning party the amount owed by the losing party to compensate the winner for legal costs.

Literal Meanings of Court Costs


Meanings of Court:
  1. Courts presided over by a judge, magistrate or magistrate in civil and criminal matters. Where the court meets. The judge or magistrate running the court.

  2. Square, open or closed, limited to ball games, such as tennis or basketball.

  3. Autonomous institutions, suites and elites.

  4. Engaging in a romantic relationship, usually with the intention of getting married.

Sentences of Court
  1. He will take the case to court

  2. I prefer indoor chairs

  3. The emperor is shown with his palace

  4. I'm seducing a girl from a neighboring farm

Synonyms of Court

arena, ground, royal household, flirt with, company, bench, make up to, forum, establishment, woo, bar, chase, personnel, attendant company, rink, seek the company of, court of justice, track, field, suite, make advances to, court of law, train, following, cort├Ęge, assizes, be involved with, law court, green, alley


Meanings of Costs:
  1. Payment (a sum of money) is required before the acquisition or realization of (an item or action).

Sentences of Costs
  1. Each issue of the magazine costs 1

Synonyms of Costs

toll, be priced at, put a price on, price, put a value on, estimate the price of, amount to, asking price, put a figure on, charge, levy, sell for, tariff, hire charge, selling price, estimate the cost of, be, be valued at, come to, rental, fetch, fare, evaluate, value