Course of action

Course of action,

Definition of Course of action:

  1. A procedure adopted to deal with a situation.

  2. Plan or method to be used for achieving a specific goal.

Synonyms of Course of action

Action, Ad hoc measure, Answer, Artifice, Contrivance, Countermove, Coup, Demarche, Device, Dodge, Effort, Expedient, Gimmick, Improvisation, Jury-rig, Jury-rigged expedient, Last expedient, Last resort, Last shift, Makeshift, Maneuver, Means, Measure, Move, Pis aller, Resort, Resource, Shake-up, Shift, Solution, Step, Stopgap, Stratagem, Stroke, Stroke of policy, Tactic, Temporary expedient, Trick, Trump, Working hypothesis, Working proposition

How to use Course of action in a sentence?

  1. The site manager shared his course of action with the team which defined everyones role and responsibilities in meeting the companys year end goals.
  2. The optimal course of action was to shut down the old plant and rebuild a new one in the region.
  3. The wisest course of action is to tackle the problem at its source.
  4. I asked him what his course of action would be, because I knew that we needed some quick and effective management.

Meaning of Course of action & Course of action Definition