Definition of Coupled:

  1. Having causal relationship.

Synonyms of Coupled

Accessory, Accompanying, Affiliate, Affiliated, Allied, Assembled, Associate, Associated, Attendant, Attending, Banded together, Biconjugate, Bigeminate, Bijugate, Bound, Bracketed, Cabalistic, Coincident, Collateral, Collected, Combined, Concomitant, Concurrent, Confederate, Confederated, Conjoined, Conjoint, Conjugate, Conjugated, Connected, Conspiratorial, Copulate, Corporate, Correlated, Correlative, Enleagued, Federate, Federated, Fellow, Gathered, Hand-in-glove, Hand-in-hand, Implicated, In cahoots, In league, In partnership, In with, Incorporated, Integrated, Interlinked, Interlocked, Interrelated, Intimate, Involved, Joined, Joint, Knotted, Leagued, Linked, Married, Matched, Mated, Merged, Mutual, Of that ilk, Of that kind, One, Paired, Parallel, Partnered, Partners with, Related, Simultaneous, Spliced, Teamed, Tied, Twin, Twinned, Undivided, United, Unseparated, Wed, Wedded, Yoked

Meaning of Coupled & Coupled Definition