Definition of Country:

  1. An area or territory in terms of its physical characteristics.

  2. An independent nation that occupies a particular territory.

  3. The area of ​​land inhabited by people from one or more countries, while the term land emphasizes the physical dimensions and boundaries of a geographical area, the state emphasizes the common history and culture of some people's communities, and autonomous legal. And explains political figures. .

  4. Districts and small settlements outside major cities or capitals.

  5. Summary of country music.

Synonyms of Country

Real estate, Panel, Clod, District, Purlieus, Jury of inquest, Confines, Green belt, Agricultural, Lithosphere, Department, Premises, The country, Pastoral, Countryside, Glebe, Heartland, Corridor, Jury of matrons, Real property, Precincts, Realm, Mother country, Countrified, Sovereign state, Upland, Arable land, Space, Sticks, Environs, Offshore rights, Homeland, Land, Twelve-mile limit, Province, Three-mile limit, Sod, Freehold, Home, Division, Terrain, Alluvium, Earth, Dirt, Outback, Soil, Jury, Region, Territory, Lowland, Nation, Ground, Boondocks, Clay, Provincial, Territory, Topsoil, Inquest, Marginal land, Agrestic, Power, Venire, Arcadian, Subaerial deposit, Jury list, Bucolic, Great outdoors, Airspace, Acres, Special jury, Dust, Crust, Alluvion, Commonwealth, Neighborhood, Land, Grassland, Subsoil, Terrain, Wilderness, Parts, Palatinate, Quarter, Countryside, Farm, Woods, Rustic, Terra, Belt, State, Nation, Salient, Campestral, State, Regolith, Dry land, Hinterland, Kingdom, Milieu, Place, Vicinage, Continental shelf, Fatherland, Blue-ribbon jury, Police jury, Marl, Landholdings, Zone, Hung jury, Section, Realm, Mountains, Part, Outland, Territory, Jury panel, Area, Woodland, Petit jury, Grand jury, Sessions, Rural, Native land, Trial jury, Provinces, Vicinity, Principality, Duchy, Mold, Terra firma, Motherland, Parts, Empire, Agrarian

How to use Country in a sentence?

  1. In this country, it is illegal for a woman to go out in public without a brother.
  2. You must always make sure that you understand all the rules and regulations of each country in which you can do business.
  3. Vast desert
  4. The airfield is right there.
  5. It's a big country and there are a lot of people and the economy is growing at a very steady pace.
  6. The country's economic situation is becoming increasingly precarious.

Meaning of Country & Country Definition

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