Definition of Countermeasures:

  1. An action taken to counteract a danger or threat.

  2. Action or actions taken in response to an event or occurrence in order to negate the preliminary action. They may be a response to a positive event or a negative event, but are most often a defensive response. For example, after a damaging article has been released, a company may issue a press release as a countermeasure to negative publicity or to mitigate the decline in its stock price.

Synonyms of Countermeasures

Solution, Answer, Cure, Antidote, Corrective, Curative, Nostrum, Panacea, Cure-all, Heal-all, Palliative, Balm, Magic formula

How to use Countermeasures in a sentence?

  1. For every clever defence that plants devise, some animal seems to be able to come up with a countermeasure.

Meaning of Countermeasures & Countermeasures Definition