Definition of Counterfeiting:

  1. Intentional and calculated reproduction of a genuine article (such as money or trademark) for the purpose of misleading the recipient or buyer into believing he or she is receiving or buying the genuine article itself.

Synonyms of Counterfeiting

Coinage, Coining, Copying, Emulation, Fakery, Following, Forgery, Hit-off, Imitation, Impersonation, Imposture, Impression, Mimesis, Mintage, Mirroring, Onomatopoeia, Parody, Plagiarism, Plagiary, Repetition, Simulation, Stamping, Striking, Takeoff

How to use Counterfeiting in a sentence?

  1. You need to make sure that you are not counterfeiting anyone elses work or you will get a very bad reputation in the industry.
  2. By the time the Treasury Department discovered the counterfeiting ring, the counterfeiters had already produced more than $10 million in false $100 bills.
  3. You should be careful to never be accused of any counterfeiting or your businesses reputation may be forever scarred or damaged.

Meaning of Counterfeiting & Counterfeiting Definition