Definition of Counterclaim:

  1. Make a counterclaim for something.

  2. Claim presented by a defendant in opposition to a plaintiffs claim in a civil case. See also cross claim.

  3. A claim made to rebut a previous claim.

Synonyms of Counterclaim

Confutation, Confute, Contraremonstrance, Counteraccusation, Counterblast, Countercharge, Counterdemand, Counterreply, Counterstatement, Defense, Make a rebuttal, Rebut, Rebuttal, Rebutter, Refutation, Refute, Rejoin, Rejoinder, Replication, Surrebut, Surrebuttal, Surrebutter, Surrejoin, Surrejoinder

How to use Counterclaim in a sentence?

  1. He counterclaimed for damages for breach of the covenant.
  2. Monitoring programs set up in the wake of these various claims and counterclaims will resolve the issue.

Meaning of Counterclaim & Counterclaim Definition