Definition of Counter:

  1. A long flat-topped fixture in a store or bank across which business is conducted with customers.

  2. Online marketing tool that often looks like the mileage meter (odometer) of a vehicle, and is usually located near the bottom of a webpage. It displays the number of hits to that page or site since a stated date.

  3. An apparatus used for counting.

  4. A small disk used as a place marker or for keeping the score in board games.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Counter


Origin of word Counter

Mid 19th century abbreviation of counterfort ‘buttress’, from French contrefort.

Synonyms of Counter

Geiger counter, Wilson chamber, X-ray spectrograph, X-ray spectrometer, Abjure, Adversary, Adversative, Adverse, Adversive, Advocate, Against the grain, Against the tide, Against the wind, Agree to disagree, Alien, Allege in support, Alpha pulse analyzer, Ambo, Answer, Antagonistic, Antagonize, Anti, Antipathetic, Antipodal, Antipode, Antipodean, Antipodes, Antipole, Antithesis, Antithetic, Antithetical, Antonym, Antonymous, Argue for, Ascender, Assert, Assert the contrary, At cross-purposes, At daggers, At daggers drawn, At issue, At odds, At opposite extremes, At variance, At war with, Athwart, Atom counter, Atom-tagger, Back, Back to back, Backward, Baffle, Baggage check, Balancing, Balk, Bar, Bastard type, Be antipathetic, Be at cross-purposes, Be inimical, Be opposed to, Beard, Beat against, Beat off, Belie, Belly, Bench, Bevel, Black letter, Blast, Block, Board, Body, Boomerang, Boron counter, Brave, Break, Break off, Buffet, Cap, Capital, Case, Challenge, Champion, Check, Checkmate, Chip, Circumvent, Clash, Clashing, Cloud chamber, Collide, Come back at, Comeback, Compensating, Competitive, Con, Conflict, Conflict with, Conflicting, Confound, Confront, Confronting, Confute, Contend for, Contest, Contra, Contradict, Contradictory, Contradistinct, Contrapose, Contrapositive, Contrarious, Contrariwise, Contrary, Contrast with, Contrasted, Contrasting, Contravene, Controvert, Converse, Cosmic ray counter, Counteract, Counteractive, Counterattack, Counterbalance, Counterbalancing, Counterblast, Counterblow, Countercheck, Countermand, Counterpoint, Counterpoise, Counterpoised, Counterpole, Counterpose, Counterstroke, Counterterm, Countervail, Countervailing, Counterwork, Counting tube, Coupon, Cross, Dash, Dead against, Defeat, Defend, Defy, Deny, Descender, Desk, Destroy, Detrimental, Differ, Different, Difficult, Disaccord, Disaccordant, Disaffirm, Disagree, Disallow, Disavow, Disc, Disclaim, Discomfit, Disconcert, Discordant, Discountenance, Discrepant, Dish, Disown, Disparate, Disprove, Dispute, Disrupt, Dissent, Dissentient, Dissimilar, Divergent, Diverse, Drive back, Electronic counter, Elude, Em, En, Enemy, Escritoire, Espouse, Exchange, Expansion chamber, Eyeball to eyeball, Eyeball-to-eyeball, Face, Face to face, Fantail, Fat-faced type, Feet, Fend, Fend off, Flummox, Foil, Font, Forswear, Fractious, Frustrate, Gainsay, Gamma ray counter, Get back at, Give and take, Give in exchange, Give in return, Give-and-take, Go against, Go counter to, Groove, Hard, Hardly like, Harmful, Hat check, Heavy particle counter, Heel, Hinder, Hindering, Hit back at, Hold at bay, Hold off, Hostile, Impeding, Impugn, In confrontation, In hostile array, In opposition, Inconsistent, Inimical, Interchange, Interfere with, Inverse, Ion counter, Ionization chamber, Ionizing event, Italic, Jangle, Jar, Join issue upon, Join the opposition, Jostle, Just opposite, Juxtapose in opposition, Keep at bay, Keep off, Knock the chocks, Lectern, Letter, Ligature, Lock horns, Logotype, Lower case, Maintain, Majuscule, Make a plea, Marker, Match, Meet head-on, Militate against, Minuscule, Miserable, Mismatch, Mismate, Negate, Negative, Nick, Noncooperative, Nonplus, Nonuniform, Nose to nose, Not abide, Not accept, Not admit, Not easy, Notions counter, Nullify, Object, Obstinate, Obstruct, Obstructive, Obverse, Odd, Off, Offbeat, Offset, Opponent, Oppose, Opposed, Opposing, Opposite, Opposite number, Oppositional, Oppositive, Oppugn, Oppugnant, Out, Overthwart, Parry, Particle counter, Perplex, Perverse, Pi, Pica, Piece, Pit, Play at cross-purposes, Plead for, Point, Polar, Poles apart, Poop, Print, Protest, Push back, Pushcart, Put back, Radiodetector, Rebuff, Rebut, Recalcitrant, Recant, Reciprocate, Reciprocation, Recoil, Reflex, Refractory, Refuse to admit, Refute, Renounce, Repel, Reply, Repudiate, Repugnant, Repulse, Resist, Respond, Retaliate, Retaliation, Retort, Retract, Return, Reverse, Reversed, Revoke, Rigorous, Riposte, Rival, Roman, Rudderpost, Ruin, Run against, Run counter to, Sabotage, Sans serif, Say in defense, Scarcely like, Scotch, Scrip, Script, Secretaire, Secretary, Set off, Setoff, Shank, Shopboard, Shoulder, Showcase, Sinister, Slug, Small cap, Small capital, Speak for, Speak up for, Spike, Spoil, Squared off, Stamp, Stand, Stand up for, Stave off, Stem, Stern, Stick up for, Stop, Stressful, Strike back, Stump, Support, Sustain, Swim upstream, Table, Tag, Tail end, Take back, Take issue with, The contrary, The other side, Thwart, Ticket, Token, Traverse, Troublesome, Troublous, Trying, Tube counter, Turn aside, Turned around, Type, Type body, Type class, Type lice, Typecase, Typeface, Typefounders, Typefoundry, Unalike, Uncooperative, Unfavorable, Unfriendly, Unidentical, Unlike, Unmatched, Unpropitious, Unresembling, Unsame, Unsimilar, Untoward, Up in arms, Uphold, Upper case, Upset, Urge reasons for, Vary, Vie, Vis-a-vis, Vote against, Ward off, With crossed bayonets, Withstand, Work against, Workbench, Wretched, Writing table, Wrong-way, Wrong-way around, Token, Chip, Disc, Jetton

How to use Counter in a sentence?

  1. Having eaten these we were hard pressed to ignore the shop counter as we departed.
  2. It was used for making pendants, finger rings, playing counters, dice and even spindle whorls.
  3. The counter tells you how many pictures you have taken.

Meaning of Counter & Counter Definition