Definition of Counter-offer:

  1. Offer given in response to an offer. It implies rejection of the original offer and puts the ball back in the court of the original offerer who has three options: to (1) accept it, expressly (by replying) or by implication (by not replying), (2) issue another (counter-counter) offer, or (3) reject it expressly. No binding contract can be created until one party accepts the others offer. Counter offers come in many guises; a sellers acknowledgment (with estimated delivery dates) of a purchase order may, in fact, constitute a counter-offer.

How to use Counter-offer in a sentence?

  1. The counter-offer was better than the original offer and I wondered if they would accept it, or just let it go.
  2. If you do not like the first offer someone gave you then you should come back with a strong counter-offer and see if they will accept.
  3. They tried low balling us with their counter-offer , so we sent Korben Dallas in to do some of his trademark negotiating.

Meaning of Counter-offer & Counter-offer Definition