Definition of Count:

  1. Textiles: Number of threads per inch (linear density) of woven fabric: 90 counts means 90 threads per inch, and 100 counts means 100 threads.

  2. Count is a form of technical analysis that employs point and figure (P&F) charts to evaluate the vertical movement of stock prices.

  3. Count analysis uses Xs to represent price increases and Os for price decreases. Analysts base count calculations on historical sideways price movements and use them to determine the probability that a price target can be reached. Count analysis Xs and Os are used with a traditional scale and a previously determined reversal amount. Traders use this to determine if certain positions are profitable. Investors can review the sequence of price fluctuations to estimate how prices are likely to move in the future. There are several count methods, such as the breakout count method that is used to find a bullish price objective must be used with an active P&F buy signal.

  4. Law: Statement of a claim or charge.

  5. Commerce: One.

Synonyms of Count

Brahman, A reckoning of, Account, Account of, Accounts, Accusal, Accusation, Accusing, Add up, Adjudge, Adjudicate, Admit, Aggregate, Allegation, Allegement, Allow, Amount, Amount to something, Apportion, Archduke, Aristocrat, Armiger, Arraignment, Article, Aspect, Assimilate, Bank on, Baron, Baronet, Batch, Be featured, Be influential, Be judicious, Be persuasive, Be prominent, Be regarded, Be somebody, Be something, Be thought of, Beat, Beat a tattoo, Beat the drum, Beat time, Bill of particulars, Blame, Blue blood, Body count, Box score, Bringing of charges, Bringing to book, Budget, Bunch, Calculate, Call off, Call over, Call the roll, Capitulation, Carry weight, Case, Cast, Census, Charge, Check of, Chunk, Clutch, Complaint, Complete, Comprehend, Comprise, Compute, Consider, Contain, Count in, Count of, Count on, Count the beats, Count up, Cover, Cut ice, Cut some ice, Daimio, Datum, Deal, Decrease, Deem, Delation, Denouncement, Denunciation, Depend on, Detail, Difference, Divide, Dose, Drum, Duke, Earl, Election returns, Element, Embody, Embrace, Encircle, Enclose, Encompass, Enumerate, Envisage, Esquire, Esteem, Exercise judgment, Express an opinion, Facet, Fact, Factor, Figure on, Figure out, Figure up, Fill, Fill in, Fill out, Fix, Foliate, Form an opinion, Gentleman, Get top billing, Gob, Grand duke, Grandee, Group, Have an in, Have full play, Have influence, Have personality, Have pull, Head count, Heap, Hidalgo, Hold, Hunk, Impeachment, Implication, Import, Imputation, Incidental, Include, Incorporate, Increase, Indictment, Information, Innuendo, Insinuation, Instance, Inventory, Item, Judge, Keep time, Lace-curtain, Laird, Landgrave, Landslide, Large amount, Lawsuit, Laying of charges, Look on, Look upon, Lord, Lordling, Lot, Magnate, Magnifico, Margrave, Marquis, Matter, Measure, Mess, Minor detail, Minutia, Minutiae, Noble, Nobleman, Nose count, Number, Number among, Numerate, Occupy, Official count, Optimate, Pack, Page, Paginate, Palsgrave, Parcel, Part, Particular, Patrician, Peer, Pine, Plaint, Play drum, Point, Poll, Portion, Pound, Presume, Product, Prosecution, Quantify, Quantity, Quantize, Rank, Rate, Ration, Recapitulation, Receive, Reckon, Reckon among, Reckon in, Reckon on, Reckon with, Reckoning, Recount, Recounting, Reduce, Regard, Rehearsal, Rely on, Rely upon, Repertory, Reproach, Respect, Returns, Ruffle, Run over, Score, Seigneur, Seignior, Signify, Silk-stocking, Small amount, Sound a tattoo, Squire, Stand out, Star, Statement, Suit, Sum, Summary, Summation, Summing, Summing up, Suppose, Swell, Tabs of, Take in, Take into account, Take into consideration, Take up, Tale, Tally, Tally of, Tap, Taxing, Tell, The bottom line, The story, The whole story, Thing, Think of, Thoroughbred, Thrum, Thump, Tidal wave, Tom-tom, Total, Track of, True bill, Trust, Unspoken accusation, Upper-cruster, Veiled accusation, Viscount, Waldgrave, Weigh, Whole, X number

Meaning of Count & Count Definition