Cottage industry

Cottage industry,

Definition of Cottage industry:

  1. The first cottage industries were light manufacturing operations in England and the United States engaged in subcontracted garment-making, textiles or sewing, as well as shoemaking and small metal machine parts. They may have been made up of family members engaged in producing finished goods by utilizing raw materials supplied by a business manager. Many contemporary industries that currently operate in factories were once cottage industries before the Industrial Revolution.

  2. A business or manufacturing activity carried on in a persons home.

  3. A cottage industry is a small-scale, decentralized manufacturing business often operated out of a home rather than a purpose-built facility. Cottage industries are defined by the amount of investment required to start, as well as the number of people employed. They often focus on the production of labor-intensive goods but face a significant disadvantage when competing with factory-based manufacturers that mass-produce goods.

  4. Home based micro enterprise that commonly employs between one to ten workers.

How to use Cottage industry in a sentence?

  1. Weaving was an important cottage industry.
  2. Small-scale cottage industries also are an important source of employment, especially in rural areas.
  3. A cottage industry is a small manufacturing operation, often run out of a person's home.
  4. Cottage industries play a significant role in the economies of developing countries.

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