Cotorra Australiana

Cotorra Australiana

Experience Australia (parrots) speak? 3

NS !!!

I'm going to taste and buy catechu (it's not parrots, that's it) and wonder if they can talk because someone told me that Australians don't talk (they only speak good colors) I want to know That you can talk because I really want you can talk, I don't care if you don't talk because I want to know. Can other pretzels (parrots (mac), not parrots) be soft?

Thanks for your reply!

I would not recommend it to be ham, although they bloom later, they often have difficulty laying eggs. Parakeet stage options.

Our friend must meet the following requirements:

Preferably Mac, the mother speaks naturally and is less likely to die when she wants to grow up. While sheaths can also learn to line up and are very clever, they are.

Young parakeets that have not yet begun to melt, it is better to be free from their mothers.

Cheerful, obedient and fun character. It is important not to be afraid of their presence.

He should be gentle in terms of inheritance, that is, his guardian should also have this quality.

Ideal student

Also, the choice of parrots should be according to our desires, which is beautiful. Since we are going to focus on you, we will not choose a color that is ugly or too small.

The choice of ham is highly recommended for two reasons. Great because they usually talk less and more accurately than Max because, if they're still crying, they're at a much higher risk of ■■■■■ than Max: egg-laying problems.

We have to throw away the old operating system or copies, because they have reached their youth and their chirping or singing is ready. A parakeet that is independent of its parents is ideal, that is, almost of a pattern.

Angry parrots are not good students because we have to teach them to be human already. If we start naturally, we save time. And even if it is inherited, when she grows up she will have more obedient children.

do not speak

Of course they can, because it's hard, they can never say complete sentences like a kite, they can only say short sounds and no R,

You have to meet the requirements, for example B is still young, Mac, that bird is just in the cage and is sweet.

Esp help you Adios!

Of course he can speak, only in certain circumstances:

1. Your gift, wings, speak very fast while others can never.

2. When they are alone or with a partner, it is easier to be alone because they are trying to communicate with the boss.

3. To him or to anyone who speaks to him, because he knows women's voices better than men's.


Cotorra Australiana