Coton De Tulear Vs Havanese

Coton De Tulear Vs Havanese

Cotton de Toler vs. Blumstuff? 3

I am looking for a dog and want to know more about this breed (Coton de Tulear or Havanese) from its owners.

1. Are race problems common? (Knee / hip problems, digestive problems?)

2. How is your skin? (Cutting, hygiene / bath, daily brushing?)

3. Do you have eye problems? (Leading eyes that stain tears, etc.?)

4. Do they have training and social relationships with others?

5. Is there anything else you need to know when this breed is about to give birth to a new dog?


Oui, je kahena keh ke je pourrais faire mes searcherches, et c'est ce that j'ai fait, more je voulais juste avoir l'avis de personnes qui ont a l'une de ces races afin qu'elles puisent peut- dontre donner Other information. Also, I can't find any information online (for example if they have tear stains).

****** Havania ******

1. It is a very healthy and long-lived breed, but all longevity breeds have potential health problems. Some have PRA, cataracts, sprains in the knees, dry eyes and dry skin.

2. Pet fur can be trimmed for easy care. If the coat is to be worn for a long time, it should be carefully brushed and combed at least twice a week. There are lotions that prevent splitting. Cut the rest of the hair between the soles of the feet. The legs can be amputated to see. SW dogs need more care. There is little or no damage to the hair, so the hair needs to be brushed. Check your eyes and ears regularly. Ear infections can occur if the ears are not kept clean. The good thing about a well-groomed Havana girl is that she always looks scattered and carefree. Although your dog has been accustomed to biting his nails since he was a dog, he should fully accept the norm. Teeth should be brushed weekly and it is best to keep them as puppies. This breed is great for people with allergies. They are hyperallergic dogs that do not lose their hair. The donkey (born with a srt coat), however, has a coat resembling a normal dog and a butterfly. They lost. It is believed, but not 100%, that short-haired donkeys, unlike long-haired Havanese, are not hypoallergenic and are not a good treatment for people with allergies.

3. Yes, tear stains may appear.

4. Havani is a natural companion dog: friendly and responsive. They are very attached to their human family and are very good with children. Very loving and likes to play with high intelligence. These cheerleaders are very friendly and get along with everyone, including people, dogs, cats and other pets. It's easy to train them and get along well with other dogs. This curious dog likes to sit in a chair to see what happens. It is very sensitive to the tone of your voice. Strict words will only annoy the dog and very rarely. Havanese circuses have a long history as dogs, perhaps because they learn fast and like to work for other people. Some tend to bark too much because they can't be taught. It is not in their nature to bark too much. It is best to teach them not to bark unnecessarily when they are young, so that they do not turn into hats. Havanese are good keepers who tell you when visitors are arriving, but will greet you as soon as they arrive. Some dogs may be a little embarrassed around strangers, but that's not a breed feature. The people of Eve live by every word and every deed. You should not be embarrassed or aggressive. There is no cowardice in his size.

5. Training: This cute dog needs moderate exercise. This race should be every day.

Life expectancy: up to 1,415 years

Living conditions: Animals can live well in apartments. You are very active indoors and will do it with tape measure. Hua people were born to live inside, not in the backyard or cage. But at the same time, they need a lot of practice.

Height: 811 inches (2028 cm)

Weight: 713 lb (36 kg)

******** Black Cotton ********

1. Health and behavioral problems. Cotton has an average number of ethnic health defects, but the incidence is very low. This means that it is generally an artificial and healthy breed. Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate, if there are only a few. This generation has a lower incidence of heart failure (pulmonary stenosis), younger generation orthopedic problems (knee bone displacement, disc disease), etc. Recently, some cotton bushes have been diagnosed with aggression problems, possibly genetic. Cotton is not only aggressive but also very loyal to its human companions. In this case, the problem of separation can become a problem if precautionary measures are not taken.

2. Styling: Long, lightly styled hair needs daily care. The hair needs to be combed and combed. Most hair should be cut between the soles of the feet and inside the ears. They do not need to take a bath more than once or twice a year, which is enough to keep them clean. Feathers should not be cut with scissors. Cotton hair is very short or not. This breed is good for people with allergies.

3. Yes, you may have tear marks.

4. This is a normal CN type dog. Very friendly, kind, loving and caring. Cotton is a very social dog that gets along well with children, other dogs and animals. He is very attached to himself and to the teacher who always wants to be in your presence and does his best to make you happy. Cotton is an excellent protective dog. It is full of tips and surprises to meet all the needs of your teachers. One of its most fascinating features is its tendency to jump and walk on its hind legs. His charming impressions strengthen anyone who is ready to spend a few moments of the day in sports and essential care routines. Cotton is learned very quickly, but sometimes it can be a little stubborn. Although they are smart and willing to work, they are calm.

Description / Mark:

Cotton is the French word for cotton. As the name suggests, the most prominent feature of cotton towels is its fur, which is faster or sharper than silk. He has a long coat. Thin hair covers the legs, which are thin and light muscles. Colors come in E and E. (Preferred by s.) Some have light yellow markings on their ears.

5. Height: 1012 inches (2530 cm)

Weight: 1215 lb (5.57 kg)

Living conditions: Cotton is best for living in an apartment. They are very active indoors and work with tape measure.

Life expectancy: up to 1,416 years.

PE is my help!

I have a Havanese who is about 10 months old and I love it! Here are the answers to your questions. (For Hawani only)

1. There are no common health problems with this breed, but my dog ​​has a very small cherry eye that needs to be fixed.

2. Animals are not inferior in being hypoallergenic. You should not cut it, and it is too long, but you should trim it (including the head, face and legs) repeatedly. No need to suffocate. You have to brush the beasts every day because their hair is bad.

3. Havanese has tear stains, some worse than others. You can use angel eyes to solve this problem! I didn't see this question because I answered question 1, but my dog's cherry eyes are like long-haired dogs and bulldogs.

4. It is very easy to train my Eve language. It had only ten accidents and 2 accidents in total! (No, I'm not lying). He loves other people and other people and if he saw someone crossing the street walking with us, he would bark until he talked to them. :)

5. Like all dogs, you will go through the gangel stage as a dog, but it will stop. Also, make sure you get it from the rebels because otherwise you will have a lot of health problems!

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Cotton de Toler vs. Blumstuff?

I am looking for a dog and want to know more about this breed (Cotton de Tolier or Havani) from its owners.

1. Are health problems common to the race? (Knee / hip problems, digestive problems?)

2. How is your skin? (Silencing, preparing / swimming, ...

Havana life expectancy

Coton De Tulear Vs Havanese

Coton De Tulear Vs Havanese

Hi, I have a Havani, one of the healthiest and healthiest breeds in AKC.

You are open-minded, bright and very calm.

They get along well with cats, other dogs and humans. I had a boyfriend for the first time who had no boys around and everyone loved boys and even boys!

You are very determined.

I prefer Havanese to CDT and Katan because they are less loving and I like colorful races.

When it comes to brushing and tear stains, both breeds need a lot of brushing and brushing if you want to keep their fur long, but they can also be cut and they look really puffy. Are There are tear marks on every race with lovely faces, all you have to do is clean or trim the hair in the inner corner of the eye. I wipe my baby's tears daily with a cotton ball dipped in water / boric acid, so they look nice, clean and odorless.

I washed them both. My customers can pay for this expensive dog. There is not much difference between the two, apart from Havani, you have more color options. All of this can lead to digestive problems if you are not given a specific type of tea or if it is not supplemented with the best croquet you get (not canned) or if you are dehydrated. Are You have to take care of the coat between the brides, but not much, except the usual (no). When washing them, you need uct (Insium LeaveIn Hair Trnt, one layer for each fake bottle) to avoid damage and resist dirt. Cleaning is done every 2 months, as they need at least some cleaning (including glands). Their legs and tail are amputated.

Eye color is a problem. Eat the best foods you can and avoid tap or bottled water. You may need to buy ucts for your eyes at some point and I know very little about this work ... still works as a last resort but there it is really bad and to upload it Need

If you are worried about her being social, do some homework with your dog until he is 12 weeks old. Instead, you need to take it (wisely, because other dogs get sick) and encourage it (I have a detailed program I use) to train it in layers so that you Be able to handle it. Climate change and stress. If you are not, you are a little indifferent.

Training should be easy if the dog is motivated by food or toys. If you treat it as food, you have to be careful with the treatment as you can feed your dog the best food and then treat it with the treatment available with it ... Digestion and eye problems Can be

Coton De Tulear Vs Havanese

Coton De Tulear Vs Havanese

I have a cry. That they are so sweet He is very smart. No health problems. Easy to maintain, clean later, does not eat much and does not require much exercise.

Coton De Tulear Vs Havanese