How Do You Define Costs?

  1. A simple definition of Costs is: Legal litigation may include an increase in fees, starting with registration or submission of fees, service fees, witness fees, publication fees, etc. It does not include attorney fees.

Meanings of Costs

  1. Payment (a sum of money) is required before the acquisition or realization of (an item or action).

Sentences of Costs

  1. Each issue of the magazine costs 1

Synonyms of Costs

put a figure on, be priced at, fetch, market price, evaluate, put a value on, value, fare, estimate the price of, price, toll, be valued at, amount to, levy, fee, tariff, hire charge, come to, rental, estimate the cost of, asking price, be, selling price, charge, sell for

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What is The Definition of Costs?

  • Meaning of Costs: The costs involved in litigation are in addition to filing or submitting fees and may include service fees, witness fees, publication fees, etc. Attorney fees are not included

Synonyms of Costs

go for, damage, face value, put a price on, set someone back, quotation, rate, worth, valuation, knock someone back