Cost-plus Method

Cost-plus Method,

What is The Definition of Cost-plus Method?

  1. A method of exchanging transfer costs that uses transaction costs through suppliers of goods (or services). In addition to these costs, prices are further increased in order to make a reasonable profit by considering the function performed (assessed assets and risks used) and market conditions. What you receive after adding fees in addition to fees can be considered the market value of the actual controlled transaction.

Literal Meanings of Cost-plus Method


Meanings of Cost:
  1. Payment (an amount of money) is required before receiving or performing (an item or work).

Sentences of Cost
  1. The price of each issue of the magazine is 25 2.25

  2. Your job is to plan and calculate the cost of the media program for the campaign.

Synonyms of Cost

selling price, come to, put a value on, hire charge, estimate the price of, fee, be valued at, charge, estimate the cost of, sell for, tariff, put a price on, price, put a figure on, asking price, rental, value, market price, be, amount to, levy


Meanings of Plus:
  1. With the addition of

  2. Operations other than math

  3. An advantage.

  4. (After number or amount) at least.

  5. (In front of the number) above positive zero

  6. It has a positive electric charge.

  7. and also.

Sentences of Plus
  1. Two plus four is six

  2. Language skills are an advantage.

  3. The company estimates a loss of $ 500,000 or more

  4. Plus 60 degrees Celsius

Synonyms of Plus

and, also, as well, beauty, extra, on top of that, besides, good point, bonus, attractive feature, asset, to boot, added to, advantage, pro, plus point, moreover, benefit, attraction, in addition, dividend, added advantage, increased by, furthermore, perk, additional benefit, with the addition of, fringe benefit, additionally, into the bargain


Meanings of Method:
  1. A particular form of method for obtaining or transcending something, especially one that is organized or established.

Sentences of Method
  1. How to restore software

Synonyms of Method

system, procedure, mechanism, means, routine, formula, modus operandi, process, technique, method of working, medium, practice