Cost-plus Mark-up

Cost-plus Mark-up,

Cost-plus Mark-up means,

  • Cost-plus Mark-up definition is: Margins calculated from the direct and indirect costs incurred by suppliers of goods or services in the transaction.

Literal Meanings of Cost-plus Mark-up


Meanings of Cost:
  1. Payment (amount of money) is required before receiving or performing (an item or action).

  2. Appreciate the price.

  3. The amount that is paid or spent to buy or receive something.

Sentences of Cost
  1. Each issue of the magazine costs 1.

  2. Your job is to plan and calculate the cost of the media program for the campaign.

  3. We can cover the cost of the event.

Synonyms of Cost

rental, fee, be valued at, levy, amount to, estimate the cost of, fetch, quotation, set someone back, put a price on, toll, fare, be, asking price, evaluate, tariff, face value, hire charge, put a figure on, go for, selling price, come to, knock someone back, price, put a value on


Meanings of Plus:
  1. With additions.

  2. (Temperature) Above zero

  3. (After number or amount) at least.

  4. (In front of the number) above positive zero.

  5. There is a positive electric charge

  6. Abbreviation for plus sign.

  7. An advantage.

  8. and also.

Sentences of Plus
  1. Two plus four is six

  2. Temperatures usually exceed 35 degrees during the day.

  3. The company estimates a loss of $ 500,000 or more.

  4. Plus 60 degrees Celsius

  5. Language skills are an advantage.

  6. Full of medical advice and keeping you up to date with the latest research.

Synonyms of Plus

attraction, fringe benefit, good point, attractive feature, advantage, added advantage, added to, extra, perk, added extra, bonus, benefit, dividend, increased by, asset, and, perquisite, with the addition of, beauty, pro, plus point, additional benefit


Meanings of Mark:
  1. A small area on the surface of different color from the surrounding area, usually due to damage or dirt.

  2. A line, image or symbol as a sign or note of something.

  3. A point for correct answer or success in exam or competition.

  4. (After number) Specific model or type of vehicle or engine.

  5. A target

  6. Clearly catches the ball directly from the opponent's kick, hits or throws it on or in front of his 22 yard line, and says "Mark", after which the receiver can take a free throw.

  7. Leave visible impressions or stains.

  8. Write a word or symbol (an item) to convey information.

Sentences of Mark
  1. The ■■■■ left a red mark on his face.

  2. The accent of the first letter

  3. Many candidates lose points if they do not read the questions carefully.

  4. Jaguar Mark 10

  5. Some bullets may miss the target.

  6. He touched the image gently, not marking it carefully.

  7. He marked all his names with his own name.

  8. The top of the pass marks the border between Alaska and the Yukon.

  9. Proofreaders may need to correct hundreds of hyphens.

  10. Hell made you the symbol of my words!

Synonyms of Mark

incision, exclamation mark, flag, take heed of, identify, diacritical mark, question mark, aim, brand, regard, speckle, put one's seal on, diacritic, stain, pit, indicate, target, tab, take into consideration, dot, fleck, dent, trace, tag, character, delineate


Meanings of Up:
  1. In a high position or position.

  2. Or at a higher intensity, volume, or level of activity.

  3. Where is someone

  4. In the capital or big city

  5. In the desired or appropriate condition.

  6. In good mood.

  7. Posted on bulletin boards or other publicly viewed websites.

  8. (Ceiling) up or up.

Sentences of Up
  1. Jump

  2. It increased the volume.

  3. The dot did not hear Mrs. Parvez clinging to them.

  4. Give me a ring when you're in London.

  5. The government has agreed to set up a commission of inquiry.

  6. I don't think anything will make me happy.

  7. Miranda barely got up for breakfast.

  8. Put up a poster to announce the show.

  9. The bow of the ship is slowly blown up and stays there.

  10. Each time my position is different.